Ambassador Hoffmann: “The younger generation must continue our battle towards a world without nuclear weapons”

Conference on Disarmament meets in Geneva. UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré.

Conference on Disarmament meets in Geneva. UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré.

In May 2013, before I finished my traineeship in Geneva, the German permanent representative to the Conference on Disarmament, Ambassador Hellmut Hoffmann, was generous enough to grant a moment out of his busy schedule for a video interview during which he shares his views on the inclusion of youth particularly in the disarmament processes at the UN.

I wanted to share Ambassador Hoffmann’s thoughts with a wider public in order to encourage all youth to be as engaged as possible. According to my personal experience, personalities in even high positions enjoy talking with the youth – at least Ambassador Hoffmann does, and he states that for the record. Ambassador Hoffmann hopes that the youth will retain an interest in disarmament and attend all possible meetings and seminars. On the other hand, I admire Ambassador Hoffmann’s realism with regard to the extent of the role that the youth can have in certain processes. What there is to learn from this is that the youth cannot take their inclusion for granted; the youth needs to do their share, make themselves heard. The youth cannot just sit around waiting for their views to be collected. The ideas must be brought to the decision-makers so that there is no way that this input can be missed.

Now, hear out Ambassador Hoffmann on Inclusion of the Youth in Disarmament Processes at the UN, and be sure to share your ideas on the issue afterwards!

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Honna Marttila

Ms. Honna Marttila is the PR Officer of UNYANET 2012-2013 and a former President of UNYA Finland. She was a trainee at the Finnish Permanent Mission to the UN in Geneva during the spring 2013. Previously, she has worked at the Finnish Embassy in Abuja and interned at UNDP Jamaica and Crisis Management Initiative.

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