About Bernd Hermann

Mr. Bernd Hermann is the acting Chairman in Vienna of UNYSA-Austria and Assistant to the Secretary General of UNA-Austria, and the Negotiation Club Officer of UNYANET. He is an undergraduate student in Law at the University of Vienna.

Negotiations take place every day

UNYANET Negotiation Club

UNYANET Negotiation Club / UNYSA Austria

“In which restaurant are we going to eat tonight?” “In which country will we spend our summer holiday?” “Which film are we going to watch?“

Questions like this, you will face almost every day or at least on a regular basis. Therefore, it is important to be able to negotiate well, in order to reach your desired outcome. If you prefer Chinese food to Japanese, rather visit Stockholm than spend your vacation on the beach in Italy, or prefer a horror movie to a romantic film, then you need to be able to find good arguments and negotiate well, so that you persuade your (negotiation) partner to vote for your choice.

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