About Dechen Rabgyal

Dechen Rabgyal is undergoing his Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration at Royal Institute of Management, Simtokha, Bhutan. He has a BA in History and Political Science from Sherubtse College, Kanglung, Royal University of Bhutan and a Diploma in European Union and International Law from University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain. Dechen is the three time recipient of Certificate of Academic Excellence from His Majesty the King of Bhutan. Eldest of the three siblings, Dechen hails from Mongar, Eastern Bhutan. His illiterate parents reside in his hometown, Mongar.

#11 Inclusive, safe and sustainable human settlement – a necessity

Goal-11Life has numerous treaties and conventions that everyone has to face besides happiness. Climate change and demographic expansion inseparably combine an unprecedented challenge to cities. Admittedly, leaders worldwide need more time to allocate respective responsibilities and duties as far as global climate change is concerned. Thus, new impetus has to be formed from the turn of twentieth century – an era which witnessed two major world wars and the birth of United Nations Organization (UN). When the UN was founded in 1945, two thirds of the world’s people lived in rural settings. By 2000, the population balance had shifted, with half of humanity now living in cities.

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‘The Right to Criticize is earned from Willingness to Engage’ – Inspirations from the First Global Forum on Youth Policies

First Global Forum on Youth Policies

Assertion for rights have become more pronounced now than ever before. It has been brought about by political and social transition that has come in the form of democracy. While right to life, liberty and property are epitomized as inalienable human rights by several political philosophers and subsequent documentation in numerous Charters, Conventions and Constitutions, of late, right to expression has gained momentum. Within it, right to criticize has found its place among the people to the extent that it has become a common activity —so many people, in one way or another, participate in it . Complaints, gossips and anonymous complainants in news forums are quite popular amongst us.

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