About Khrystyna Kizyma

Khrystyna Kizyma is currently working as an intern with the outreach unit of the United Nations Information Service (UNIS) Vienna. She is writing her PhD thesis on Journalism and Communication Sciences at the University of Vienna, holds a Master degree in Management, Communication & IT as well as a Master’s in International Business Management and a Bachelor of Journalism (majoring in International Press and Information). Before starting work with UNIS Vienna, Khrystyna did a traineeship in the European Commission in Brussels, worked for several international companies (Intace, Swarco, HTC) as well as for some Ukrainian newspapers.

More than just an internship: working for United Nations

Information Service (UNIS) Vienna from A to Z
Whether during conferences, in the offices or at events you will always find United Nations interns working hard to help make the organization run smoothly.

If you are a student or recent graduate and would like to gain first-hand experience working for the United Nations, the internship programme might be a great option. You will be exposed to the everyday work of the organization, supporting professional staff to carry out their tasks and projects. This will help you to decide whether this kind of work is something for you in the future. Continue reading