About Peter Kumer

Mr. Peter Kumer is the member of the executive board of UNA Slovenia Youth Section. He graduated from the University of Ljubljana with a diploma degree in Geography.

Belfast: The Microcosm of Northern Irish Dispute

Photo: Peter Kumer

Photo: Peter Kumer

To an average daily visitor Belfast is like any other British city. Tourists like to take part in one of the walking tours through city centre to have a glance at some of the most prominent works of Edwardian and Victorian architecture. After the shopping at Victoria Square it is essential to stop at Titanic Quarter to see the slipways where the “Unsinkable” was originally constructed. On the way to the most famous Northern Irish attraction, The Giant’s Causeway, only few decide to drive through Falls Road to see the murals on International Wall. But only a handful of people are aware of the real history of Belfast.

They drive to the suburbs to understand the extent of the ethnic conflict that has shaped the city. Most visitors are unaware of what makes Belfast special. It is one of the few, if not the only city, in the western World that is considered almost entirely ethnically divided.

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