About Rima-Maria Rahal

Rima-Maria Rahal is one of the founders and project directors of eMUN-fellows.net, a young initiative supporting future global leaders in building their skill sets for success. Rima is part of the on- and offline 5-month process of training a select number of high potentials from all over Germany, culminating in the application of their acquired skills at Harvard World Model United Nations while supported with personal coaching.
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Model United Nations must grow into the role of a simulation of the UN


Photo: Delegates at Harvard WorldMUN 2014. Rima-Maria Rahal

At ModelUN, we simulate the United Nations. A ModelUN conference is a hands-on way to learn how international relations work, how to behave as a diplomat, and – wherever you see your career path take you – a golden opportunity to learn how to be a global leader. After all, slipping into the role of a diplomat to a UN body not only requires you to put your knowledge of current affairs, international relations and the mechanics of being a diplomat into action while aiming to represent your nation’s views to your best ability. Being a MUNer also means trying to cut deals that are not only good for you, but good for the simulated international community as a whole, crafting your own network of cooperators and pulling through intrigue and competition.

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