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Writing an article for a blog is not the same as writing an essay at the university or an article for a newspaper. It is actually more like writing an op-ed. The following eight points will help you while you are writing but we suggest that you read them right before starting together with our article guidelines.

  1. The first thing you should do is to write down your main point. It is the beginning of your article and should catch the reader’s attention right away. You can use the first person and use observations as your article represents your own opinion.
  2. Your article should focus on one topic only. As you make a statement to a topic and invite your readers to participate, it is important that your readers understand what you are talking and what the discussion is about.
  3. You have to do your research. A good article presents a well thought out and researched point of view. Doing research is hard work and your readers will appreciate this. Include statistics and examples that support the point you make.
  4. In most cases, the basis of your article is the issue that needs to be changed or dealt with. It isn’t a discussion but contains ideas why what is happening is not right and how it should be changed.
  5. Do not forget the other side while making your point. Including the opposing side will make your arguments stronger while ignoring them might make you lose credibility.
  6. Opening your article with a story, a quote or similar is great but do not forget to present your argument. After all, the most important point of you article is that your opinion is clear and logical to the reader.
  7. You don’t have to write an article in the classic style. You can use unique ways of expressing. Be creative and make your readers want to continue to read as well as to read more from you in the future because your article is interesting and inspiring in regards of its content and its way of presentation.
  8. In many cases, you will need to edit, rewrite and improve your article to clarify your arguments, improve your structure as well as your grammar. Your article needs to make sense not only to yourself but especially to readers other than yourself. Take the time needed to rewrite and improve your article.

There are various different web sites with a lot of information about how to write an article. Good tips can be found for example on eHow chapters How to write an op-ed piece and How to write an op-ed column, and on McGill University website.

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