We are always looking for interesting and inspiring articles by members of UNYANET and guests. You can discuss the topic and the main content beforehand with the Blog Team or you can offer us already written articles. We ask you to have a look at the article guidelines and the eight writing tips before submitting and even before writing your article.

You can contact us through info[at] at any stage of the writing process if you need assistance or feedback. If not, just follow carefully the guidelines for the text, and once your article is finished, submit it as a .doc or .rtf file attached to an email to the same address. We will read your article and contact you as soon as possible. We will also always contact you in case there is a problem with the content or the formatting, or if there is something that needs clarification.

All articles will be promoted within UNYANET, among our partners as well our various communication channels like Facebook or Twitter.

Happy writing!

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  1. i recently visited south sudan in torrit went to see a friend of mine i met in kenya i was saddened by how young people were failling to go to school in fear of the omgoing war in south sudan .something came to me that its possibble to transfer these children to come and study from tanzania were my dad owns a school . but due to the immigration policies in east africa things are hard if you think we can get these children as many as the school can hold currently offering the cambridge curricullum .reply if you can help or sponsor what i aim to start

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