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The following is a list of all available positions with UNYANET • The Magazine. Don’t be shy – do apply for our executive team, too. Together, we will manage it.

Should you have any questions, click here or send an e-mail to [email protected]


Managing Editor
As the Managing Editor you are UNYANET • The Magazine’s head of staff. You work very closely with the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) – together, you form the head of the executive editorial team of The Magazine. As the Managing Editor, you aid in the development of The Magazine’s content, publishing schedule and overall direction. You are in charge of enforcing deadlines and making sure The Magazine follows the editorial calendar.

[ Tasks include: ]

  • Replacing the Editor-in-Chief when (s)he is temporarily unable to fulfil the
  • Finalising the editorial line-up and coordinating the commission of articles to associate editors alongside EIC
  • Planning of editorial calendar and scheduling series alongside EIC
  • Setting-up of regular ‘The Virtual Newsroom’ – meetings (with EIC)
  • Enforcing deadlines with the editors to ensure a seamless production flow
  • Providing regular updates on workflow and feedback to the EIC
  • Recruiting new staff when necessary

[ Some of the qualities you should possess: ]

  • Experience in publishing/journalism (student media, communication studies etc.)
  • Ability to manage and organise an international team
  • Strong sense for team work


As an editor you are in charge of one section of The Magazine – you serve “as the last line of defence”. You are responsible for timely submission of proof-read and edited articles and for making sure the content of your section meets the quality standards and the house style of The Magazine. As an editor, you work closely with the bloggers: you assign articles, work on story ideas and pitches. You manage and oversee the work of the copy editors. Of course, being an editor also means ensuring that the articles in your section are newsworthy and of significant value.

Positions open:

Editor – United Nations
[covering UN policy, series on UN 101, UN4Youth etc.]

Editor – Model UN
[covering advice on preparation for MUNs, UNYANET x MUN – The Magazine featuring MUNs around the world, interviews etc.]

Editor – Opinion
[includes feature stories, interviews, commentary on global policy and local issues]

Editor – Careers Corner/UNYANET advice
[covering tips on work experience, volunteering, interviews, CV guide …]

Editor – In Collaboration With …
[articles published in co-operation with other student media which report on international politics, MUN press teams, UN bodies …]

[ Tasks include: ]

  • Developing story or series ideas for your section
  • Commissioning of articles and approving or disapproving of pitches for stories to be published in your section
  • Fact checking and a last proofread of submitted articles
  • Managing the workflow within your section
  • Close cooperation with the managing editor and the Editor-in-Chief
  • Attending “The Virtual Newsroom”–meetings

[ Some of the qualities you should possess: ]

  • A strong interest and expertise in your section
  • Experience in journalism
  • Solid news judgment and a feel for stories that have“buzz”
  • Willingness to seek new bloggers qualified for your section
  • Display enthusiasm for your section – you need to be able to transfer this motivation to your bloggers!
  • Management skills and a strong follow-through


Copy editors
Copy editors are responsible for making sure the content of The Magazine is flawless. As a copy editor you will be sent the first draft of the articles by the original authors. You proof-read the pieces for linguistic and grammatical mistakes and in terms of fluency/style. Before transferring the article to the editor you make sure the piece fits The Magazine’s mission and its style guide.

Disclaimer: More than any other job at The Magazine, being a copy editor requires excellent command of English. You will be regarded as a point of reference when it comes to language, so please make sure you are wary of this responsibility. Do only apply if you are 100% fluent in English.

[ Tasks include: ]

  • Editing the submitted articles assigned to you meticulously all the whilst ensuring not to change the original tone or style of the author
  • Rewriting where necessary (without compromising the author and as agreed upon with the editor)
  • Reviewing the piece with the author until a final version of the piece can be agreed upon
  • Making use of reference guides when necessary to be able to provide clean copy (AP Stylebook or BBC Style Guide, tba)
  • Liaising bloggers and editors at The Magazine through close cooperation and good contact with the bloggers

[ Some of the qualities you should possess: ]

  • Feeling for language and style, experience in journalistic writing
  • Excellent written English
  • Good communication skills
  • Sense for team work
  • Understanding of transcultural work

Bloggers are the heart and soul of UNYANET – The Magazine. As a blogger, you provide new stories, ideas and content –you are The Magazine’s voice. Just like in the real media world, our staff bloggers have their “beats”, ie. an area where they have special expertise and interest and which they cover mostly. As a staff bloggers you can work on commission, but more frequently you pitch your own ideas. After all, The Magazine is about YOU and about YOUR opinions.

If you want to submit stories on an irregular (freelance) basis, you don’t need to go through the application process. Get in touch with us, send us your story ideas and start writing.

Don’t be shy! For this job, prior experience in journalism or blogging is an asset but by no means a prerequisite. We want to make your voice heard – so if you have a knack for writing or if you feel you have something to say, do apply! Should you struggle, more seasoned members of the team will be happy to provide journalistic guidance where needed.

UNYANET – The Magazine welcomes bloggers from all backgrounds – the more diverse our shared knowledge the better it is!

Disclaimer: Excellent command of English is a requirement.

[ Tasks include: ]

  • Being creative: Coming up with original story ideas/finding new angles to well-known stories
  • Ensuring that stories are well-researched, high in quality and unbiased
  • Sticking to deadlines (!)
  • Complying with The Magazine’s guidelines, editorial procedure and review process
  • Coordinating the writing with editorial staff
  • Contacting organisations ahead of time to gain press privileges and the opportunity of conducting interviews

[ Some of the qualities you should possess: ]

  • Curiosity and the willingness to ask questions
  • A “nose for news”
  • Passion as well as expertise are a requirement
  • Interest in journalism
  • Sense for team work

Social Media Managers
Social media is UNYANET – The Magazine’s first (and quickest) opportunity to promote our publication. It is our main way of reaching out to new readers and keeping in touch with our regular followers. Just like every other news outlet, UNYANET – The Magazine will be present on social media, primary on Twitter and Facebook. As a Social Media Manager, you will be responsible for all social networks of The Magazine. Your goal is to spread the word and to increase traffic on our website.

Our Social Media Managers will work in very close cooperation with the UNYANET’s PR team.

[ Tasks include: ]

  • Creating a social media strategy for The Magazine
  • Developing a social media presence for The Magazine
  • Regular updates on Facebook and Twitter (Twitter: ideally several times a day; Facebook: once every business day)
  • Overseeing all social media activities of UNYANET-The Magazine
  • Replying to reader’s commentary on social media

[ Some of the qualities you should possess: ]

  • Experience in (corporate) use of social media or marketing
  • Ability to create a social media-strategy
  • A strong follow-through and the willingness to closely cooperate with the rest of the UNYANET-team
  • A clear understanding for the importance of social media
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