UNYANET • The Magazine – We want YOU!


We are launching a new online magazine in September 2015. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the movement.

UNYANET • The Magazine is an ambitious student media project – and the first of its kind. We want to establish UNYANET • The Magazine as a news source when it comes to global politics and youth. Our new website will feature quality reporting by young journalists from all around the world about global affairs, the United Nations and about how international policies affect our daily lives.

UNYANET • The Magazine seeks to connect youth from all around the world with the same interests: Journalism, foreign affairs, and the United Nations. But to make all of this possible, we need you. Qualified and motivated young people coming from backgrounds as varied and diverse as possible, ready to share their knowledge and to inspire others.

Get hands-on experience in online journalism.
Be seated in the front row for the launch of a new magazine.
Connect with young people around the globe who share your passion.

Be part of the movement. Join our team.
Update your CV, find your latest work samples, fill out our application form and send the whole package to [email protected]

Details about our positions open can be found here.

DEADLINE: July 31, 2015.

NB: UNYANET • The Magazine will fully substitute UNYANET’s current blog space. UNYANET • The Magazine is part of the United Nations Youth Associations Network (UNYANET) and hence no affiliate of the United Nations. All positions are on voluntary basis and are non-remunerated.


UNYANET • The Magazine. We cover the UN and world affairs for you[th].


UNYANET • The Magazine is an international platform where qualified student journalists from all over the world report on foreign affairs. We cover political issues relevant to youth, stories revolving around the United Nations and discuss how global policy is influencing our daily lives.


Our vision at UNYANET • The Magazine is to empower youth by making the voices of our generation heard. We – the people behind UNYANET • The Magazine – are claiming our
seat at the table: Because we believe that our opinions are worth being listened to. We want to have our say. We want to be part of the global political debate. We want to be an active voice for youth.


As the first publication of its kind, UNYANET • The Magazine connects young people from all around the globe with the same passion for journalism, the same enthusiasm for international politics and the same interest for the UN. This strong engagement creates a uniquely inspiring spirit, which keeps UNYANET • The Magazine thriving and evolving every single day.

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