A proposal of a solution to the Kashmir conflict

imageBefore going towards the proposal of Kashmir’s conflict, I consider it is important to discuss the history of the conflict. Pakistan and India achieved independence on 14th and 15 August 1947 respectively and after conquering freedom from British Rule both of the two new dominions wanted to keep control of the acceding willing independent States ruled under Nizam’s Order. Kashmir was also one of them but interestingly the majority of the population of Kashmir belongs to the religion of Islam while the ruler was the professor of Hindu Religion. The majority of the population were willing to accede Kashmir with Pakistan while India occupied it through manipulations and intrigues involving Maharaja Patiala initially and then slowly roping in Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir and Sheikh Abdullah, a popular leader of Kashmir. Both were hoodwinked with false promises and dream of secular India that proved to be a mirage. Hari Singh wanted Kashmir to remain independent. The growing Indian clandestine political activity sent alarm bells to the newly created independent state of Pakistan.​


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