More than just an internship: working for United Nations

Information Service (UNIS) Vienna from A to Z
Whether during conferences, in the offices or at events you will always find United Nations interns working hard to help make the organization run smoothly.

If you are a student or recent graduate and would like to gain first-hand experience working for the United Nations, the internship programme might be a great option. You will be exposed to the everyday work of the organization, supporting professional staff to carry out their tasks and projects. This will help you to decide whether this kind of work is something for you in the future. Continue reading

Support for the World Cup, but not for interns?

At the end of March, it was announced that the United Nations are supporting Brazil in their effort to finish the stadiums they are building for the World Cup in 2014. The whole contract between Brazilian government and the United Nations is worth 17.6 million dollars. A lot of money that could be used for other things, like interns.

First of all, I am not against the World Cup in Brazil. I would love to go there, and I am sure it will be a huge sucess. However, the financial troubles, the corruption and huge waste of money are bothering not only me as the protests are showing and I am especially not agreeing with this kind of support the United Nations provides. Continue reading