News for the Youth

News for the Youth

UN Photo/Mark Garten

More and more, the UN tries to inform the youth by using social media and interactive tools. But does the target group get the news it is looking for through the new channels? A critical review of the current effort reveals quite diverse results.

In the past years, the United Nations started to use more and more social tools to inform the public, especially the youth, about its activities around the world. Twitter accounts and facebook pages were created. A page to download and use the official UN photos was established as well as various news and media pages. UN TV streams live from the conferences of the United Nations and UN Radio made its program available online while stopped broadcasting its program in a traditional sense. Finally, the United Nations established a Social Media Team that maintains at least some of the official United Nations social media accounts.

UNYANET created a survey to observe how and where the youth acquire their information and news about the UN. The survey revealed some patterns but the use of different channels still seems somewhat random especially when it comes to getting information on more specific topics than the basic knowledge on the UN.

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