Making a better world with a better education

The Model International Delegate team with President Tjalke Weber at the UNYANET General Assembly 2014

The Model International Delegate team with President Tjalke Weber at the UNYANET General Assembly 2014

Education has two faces: learning and teaching.

People learn from each other as they teach each other. This means that from the moment you have learned and understood something, you can teach it.

The principle falls in line with the words of the American author and humourist, Mark Twain:

“It is noble to teach oneself, but still nobler to teach others!”

This quote is one of Model International Delegate’s philosophies to share something meaningful with people, so that they can pass it to others in return.

We, at MID, see education as a game, an important one; where there are winners and losers.

Why do people fail where others succeed?

Resources often make the difference. Specific knowledge is something you purchase and this fact brings a new element into the game: wealth.

Individuals can be rich either with their money, or with their knowledge; therefore creating a circle. People with money can afford higher education and people with knowledge can generate higher income. MID is there to hide the money matters in order to give everybody a chance of becoming something more.

Model United Nations around the world are very good schools. They often are student-led conferences for large scale youth participation and established at arelatively low cost. MUNs give every attendee the opportunity to improve his or her research and writing ability, analytical thinking, and communications skills.

Albert Einstein once said:

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Model United Nations is all about reversing the faces of education, giving young minds, notwithstanding their socio-economical background, the opportunity to learn from each other, teach each other, and therefore, impact their own destiny.

MUNs are one of Model International Delegate’s main focuses. Though they are excellent tools to educate people, some challenges prevail.

MUNs around the world have no common grounds. It’s a little bit like: “Do whatever you want”. This is a problem for the quality of MUNs and for the UN members that are concerned about how MUNs take place.

That is why we collaborate with organizations such as UNYANET and UNDPI in order to establish internationally recognized standards.

This way, MUNs will have a better visibility towards the United Nations and other institutions. Improved RoPs will increase conference quality and participation. And so on, our educational target will be reached.

Of course, working on these standards is not our exclusive activity. Model International Delegate is involved in several other activities with little or no relation towards MUNs. At the end, it’s all about inclusive and participative education.

We believe simulations and role-plays are the best tools for sharing knowledge and empowering one other. So, you can consider MID like a knot between the strings in the MUN world. In collaboration with the concerned UN departments, UNYANET, and with MUN delegations all around the world we want to build, together, a stronger,
safer and better future for everybody.

To conclude, the most important thing to remember about MID is the word “everybody”. MID is a tool for everybody, made by everybody. You are part of it from the moment you embrace it:

“Making a better world with a better education”

Consultant at Model International Delegate