The Role of Youth in the Accomplishment of MDGs in Nigeria


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The role of the Nigerian youth in the attainment of MDG’s is varied and diverse. The vision of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is to have a world without corruption, strife and bad leadership among the peoples as well as authorities. The level of commitment and discipline among Nigerian youth should be the first consideration if the nation is to achieve the MDG goals.

Nigerian youth should first develop the mind-set that every nation of the world belongs to its youth. The youth are the makers of tomorrow. Whatever youth do today, it will be reflected in the society of tomorrow.  To live in a society that is free of corruption, youth with quality of mind and thoughts are greatly needed. Nigerian youth should build a sense of patriotism towards the nation and fearlessly take up politics.

Nigerian youth need to be sensitized on the tenets of hard work and dedication as a means of bringing efficiency and increase productivity in the country. They should learn self-discipline and how to earn money by themselves and earn it with dignity. They should learn dignity in labour once such labour is accepted by the society as dignified.

Nigerian youth should aid the government in getting back on track to achieving the MDG’s goals. The youth should form groups and organizations through which they can advance their objectives. Such groups could be used as a platform to source fund through which they can cover the group-member’s activities.

The youth should liaise with those that make and execute the policies of the Nigerian government with a view to ensure a reasonable amount of money is allocated to core ministries with the specific objective of achieving MDGs specially focusing on education, health, agriculture, water, etc. Nigerian youth also have to ensure that money allocated to ministries is used for what it is meant for and not diverted or misappropriated.

Written by: Ireh Kingsley

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